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Cyprus Company Registry

Cyprus Company Registry

cyprus registry5. Bank Account After Registration of Cyprus Company

After the Cyprus company registration a bank account is opened because of it quite easily in one of many banks in the nation. Starting a bank-account can be carried out in the lack of the investor that is foreign and fuss free. A bank account offers all the necessary solutions necessary for a professional such as for example internet banking, visa card, digipass, multicurrency, low bank charges, no minimum deposit terms and fast and free transfer of money inside and out for the nation. We assist numerous banking institutions in and out of the national nation for quick bank records. Our company is official introducer to dozens of banking institutions so after the Cyprus company registration a bank account could be opened as being a matter of routine and at really fees that are reasonable. Just contact us or e-mail us to get more details.
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Cyprus brand new Tax Legislation - essential for Cyprus company formation

The brand new legislation came related to company registration in Cyprus into force on 1 January 2003. Underneath the brand new law Cyprus income tax is imposed:

On the global earnings of all of the residents of Cyprus, and
No requirement of audited records consequently no requirement for an auditor;
In the earnings created in Cyprus by any non-residents of Cyprus.
A company is known as resident if this has its administration and control in Cyprus. Consequently any ongoing company that carries out operations outside Cyprus and belongs to non-residents of Cyprus and it has its most of the board of directors outside Cyprus is not liable to taxation in Cyprus. This means non-resident - offshore companies in Cyprus cannot simply take the main benefit of any double taxation treaties involving Cyprus but on top of that will never be at the mercy of the change of information rules under such treaties.
On the other hand, in cases where a Cyprus company wishes to use the tax that is double network of Cyprus it really is very better to have the majority of the directors in Cyprus also to offer that all board conferences of this company shall take place in Cyprus (we are able to employ our Cyprus nominees for this purpose).
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